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  • Fall Parties

    Fall parties will be Friday, October 28th at 2:00.

    Wills Point Primary School
  • Red Ribbon Week

    October 24-28 is Red Ribbon Week!

    Wills Point Primary School
  • Be Safe at Drop Off

    Remember, our staff does not arrive on campus until 7:15. Please do not drop off your children before this time. Thank you for not blocking the driveway entrance so that our staff can get into the parking lot.

    Wills Point Primary School
  • New school times

    The school day begins at 7:50.  Students need to be in their class before then.

    Students are tardy at 8:00am and parents will need to come inside to sign them in.  School lets out at 3:15.  

    Wills Point Primary School


  • Early Voting Begins

    Check the website or for voting locations and times. These early voting locations are for the bond only, not the general election.
    Wills Point Independent School District
  • Early Voting

    Wills Point Independent School District
  • Election Day!!!!!!

    Wills Point Independent School District
  • Thanksgiving Break

    Wills Point Independent School District
  • Early Release

    Wills Point Independent School District
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Classes begin at 7:50

Students are tardy at 8:00.  Parents must come in to sign their child in.

Classes end at 3:15.




Congratulations to our September Students of the Month!

Pre-K:  Zac Schaphorst, Wlliam Warner, Boston Summers, Cristel Canales Puentes, Marcus Moreno, Drake Wilds

Kindergarten:  Anthony Colunga, Valerie Lewis, Lacey Vasquez, Kylee Hoggatt, Isaiah Grix, Jesse Eubanks, Cutter Crowell, Kutter Titsworth, Weston Mynar

First Grade:  Jacob Williams, Ryan Hall, Rodrigo Romero, Temperance Eubanks, Jonathan Miles, Calyn Bates, Sydney Lewis, Ava Holloway, Cassidi Williams




School Safety

Your child's safety is our first priority.

All visitor's must show a picture ID.

Parent Lunch Visits

Parents will be able to begin visiting during lunch after the 1st grading cycle on Tuesdays and Fridays.

This campus has kids who are away from their parents for the first time,  they need this time to adjust to school.

Please do not offer to take your child home after lunch due to continued learning throughout the day.

 Lunch schedule.pdf 


Hey, Tigers! My name is Lauren Morgan and I am the school counselor at Wills Point Primary. I am so excited to be here this year and to be on the road to awesome with these great kids! 
The character theme for this month is RESPONSIBILITY. Responsibility is taking care of yours and others' belongings, and making good choices. At school that can mean turning in your work on time and using your school supplies wisely. At home it could include not breaking things that belong to your siblings or finishing your chores when you are supposed to. We are all responsible for our school, so it is important to help keep it clean, take care of the books we borrow from the library, and play safely with our friends so that we have a great learning environment!
Every Friday, one student from each class who has been a good representation to their peers of this character trait will get to have their name put on the Wall of Fame and will get to come play in my office for a little bit between lunch and recess. 

Look for this month's newsletter in your child's folder during the week of October 3-7, or take a look at it here in English, or here in Spanish. Featured this week 

Happy Fall!


My name is Dana Chelette.  I have been in education since 1997.

I have two kids, my son is a Marine and my daughter is a Junior in high school.